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From the co-founders

We launched Environment Analyst in 2008 into the teeth of the global financial crisis. Customers in the environmental sector turned to us for intelligence to help navigate market shock waves - as the development sector collapsed, private sector clients switched their priorities towards survival rather than sustainability, and within a couple of years government austerity kicked in.

A few years later, we rescued Brownfield Briefing from collapse as funding for brownfield regeneration had dried up, and we maintained a strong editorial, networking and training operation to service this market as it gradually recovered. Our Brownfield Intelligence Network - and our growing expertise in virtual events - should help the brownfield sector navigate a path through the new crisis.

Now, as our customers grapple with Covid-19, our aim is to reapply some of our learnings from 12 years ago, and once again deliver the intelligence the environmental sector needs as it charts a route towards a brighter future. Let's hope this time sustainability strategy is not a casualty of the crisis. We want our new Sustainability Delivery Group to showcase the talents of the environmental and sustainability consulting sector and help clients and wider stakeholders think holistically and creatively as they plan for post-crisis opportunities.

Julian Rose & Liz Trew, April 2020

Company vision

  • Our aim is to help customers identify business opportunities and develop a deep understanding of how environmental, market and policy issues affect investment decisions.

Mission statement

  • We provide market intelligence and insight regarding the environmental services sector, bringing business leaders and practitioners together in peer-to-peer networks and sharing news and insight on the environmental agenda and associated market, policy and technical developments.

Membership options

  • We have two membership services Environment Analyst UK, which provides insight, market data and analysis concerning the top UK players in the environmental consultancy sector as well as the latest news and analysis on brownfield and contaminated
    land, and EIA and planning, and Environment Analyst Global which 
    provides insight, market data and analysis concerning the top global players in the environmental consultancy sector.

  • Free Membership is for people who need only limited access to our content and would like to hear updates regarding our events and training.

  • Corporate Membership is for organisations who need intelligence on environmental business opportunities and policy and technical developments. Members can also access our virtual and live events and networking activities. Check out Environment Analyst UK - which now incorporates Brownfield Briefing - to see the kind of news and intelligence we offer for people working in fields such as corporate sustainability, EIA, ecology, flooding, sustainable building, regeneration, circular economy, biodiversity net gain, climate and energy.

  • Strategic Membership is for companies and investors who need information to support corporate strategy and M&A decisions in the environmental sector. We collect market data from the leading players in environmental and sustainability consulting, and present our analysis and datasets in the form of competitor profiles and market reports. Strategic Members are also able to participate in our Business Leaders' Forum. You can choose whether to receive our Global intelligence or our UK intelligence - or both.

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